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Democrats Paid ‘Mentally ill, Homeless People’ To Agitate At Trump Rallies

Top Democrats have been caught planting “mentally ill” and “homeless” agitators at Trump rallies, instructing them to incite violence. More Democratic heads are rolling as the dirtiest political campaign in history continues catching up with the ruling party. Two top DNC strategists caught discussing voter fraud and their roles in planting paid

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Watch: Trumps Acceptance Speech Will Even Make The Dems Vote For Him

Data gathered from a focus group during Donald Trump’s nomination acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention Thursday indicated his “highest” moment, and it was one that could hurt Democrat rival Hillary Clinton come November. Frank Luntz told Sean Hannity that there was one specific moment in Trump’s speech that stood out for the members

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Now It’s The Perfect Time To Abandon Hillary’s Sinking Ship

The latest revelations regarding Hillary Clinton’s email scandal have broken the shield of impunity the Democratic party built for her coronation. The criticisms and shortcomings of Ms. Clinton’s candidacy—which have long been addressed by Bernie Sanders yet dismissed by mainstream media as Republican smears—are finally receiving the credence they deserve. The past week has

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