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Democrats Paid ‘Mentally ill, Homeless People’ To Agitate At Trump Rallies

Top Democrats have been caught planting “mentally ill” and “homeless” agitators at Trump rallies, instructing them to incite violence. More Democratic heads are rolling as the dirtiest political campaign in history continues catching up with the ruling party. Two top DNC strategists caught discussing voter fraud and their roles in planting paid

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What Bernie Sanders Wants To Achieve From His Meeting With Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders says he will pressure Hillary Clinton to promote essential economic and social issues if she becomes the official party nominee. Bernie Sanders will meet with his rival Hillary Clinton on Tuesday to discuss whether her campaign will include progressive ideas like his, he said Sunday on NBC's Meet the Press. “I simply want to get a sense of what kind of

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If Bernie Sanders Gets More Delegates Than Clinton – What Could Happen?

Currently Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leads the Democratic presidential primary race, by more than 700 overall delegates more than Bernie Sanders. Unfortunately, this isn’t the biggest problem Sanders is facing. The superdelegates numbers have much greater disparity between these two candidates, Clinton currently has 502 and Sanders on

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