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Latest Poll: Hillary Just Received Bad News From “Her Home State”

A recent Quinnipiac Poll of New Yorkers may appear at a glance to contain favorable news for presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, but a closer inspection and context surrounding the numbers actually revealed some bad news for the former secretary of state. The poll showed Clinton leading presumptive Republican presidential nominee

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Trump Thinks He’s The Best Choice For America – Is Being Used By Terrorists To Recruit Members

Donald Trump is dangerous enough as a candidate; let's not see how much worse he would be with access to the nuclear codes. After congratulating himself following the horrific mass shooting in Orlando, Trump was out in full force on Monday reading foreign policy remarks from a teleprompter. In his speech, Trump

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Trump Proves He’s The Best Candidate – Expands Slogan To “Make American Great Again For Everyone”

His policies that would bring back jobs to America would help everyone, says the Republican presidential candidate. Pushing back on allegations that he is a racist, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Friday declared he was adding a qualifier to his ‘Make American Great Again’ slogan – ‘For Everyone.’ “You know, I

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