Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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BREAKING: Trump Family’s Worst Nightmare Just Showed Up, Secret Service Frantic

The constant stream of negative propaganda, and the attempt to dehumanize Trump supporters, is starting to have an effect.


A physician with a car full of guns, including an AR-15 assault rifle, was arrested at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. — he has been charged with gun-related crimes (via Washington Post).

Brian Moles is a physician hailing from the Pennsylvania area who was arrested by police minutes after settling into his Trump Hotel room.

Police received a tip that Moles was armed and a potential danger to those in the Washington, D.C. area.


“I was very concerned about this circumstance,” said Police Chief Peter Newsham, “and I believe the officers and our federal partners, and in particular the tipster, averted a potential disaster here in our nation’s capital.”

Both the D.C. police and the Secret Service admit that they have not discovered the motivation behind the heavily armed man traveling to Washington, but he might have planned to hurt the president.

The Pennsylvania Police Department received a called from a concerned resident who was in communication with Moles’ daughter. Apparently, Moles had been acting oddly.

Moles’ daughter told police something to the effect that he was traveling to D.C. with a carload of weapons and he was going to visit the president, according to Pennsylvania Police Chief Dorian Adamik.

Considering the constant stream of negative press coverage and the coordinated attempts of the mainstream media to dehumanize supporters of President Trump as racist, sexist rednecks, it is only a matter of time until some fanatic undertakes a plot to assassinate the president and his followers.

Many have expressed concern that President Trump will be the victim of an assassination plot, including Ronald Reagan’s son, Michael. Michael Reagan explained that a crazy man attempted to kill his father, and that there are a lot more crazy people walking the streets today (via Twitter).

President Trump is specifically vulnerable, since he is lacking the protection of the intelligence community. President Trump is attempting to eliminate the corruption in Washington, and is creating a lot of enemies in the process.

Donald Trump has already survived one assassination attempt, when a British citizen attempted to steal a police officer’s gun to shoot then-candidate Trump last summer.



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