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Breaking:Democrats Go To Supreme Court To Demand This One Strange Thing!

Democrats are requesting they have a privilege to win.

Democrats are requesting that the court enter the political domain and find, out of the blue tell us, that an legislative guide is unlawful on partisan related grounds.

Once again the Democrats are demanding equality of outcome, not a fair playing field.

From Real Clear Politics:

Despite decades of experience and legal precedent to the contrary, Democrats are asking the Court to enter the political realm and find for the first time that a legislative map is unconstitutional on partisan-related grounds.

What they are, basically, saying is that it’s out of line a state which generally voted Democrats, is all of a sudden voting in favor of Republicans.

Democrats are requesting advantage to win, not a reasonable playing field.

Real Clear Politics continued:

The Supreme Court should take a pass.

In the Badger State, which voted for President Trump and where Republicans hold nearly all statewide elected offices, Democrats ask the Supreme Court to overturn Wisconsin’s legislative map because their party has failed to translate its statewide vote totals into a proportionate number of wins in the state legislature.

Never mind that America has a winner-take-all system, where winning individual elections, not running up votes, is what matters. Or that Wisconsin Democrats cluster predominately in the cities of Milwaukee and Madison, while Republicans are spread out more evenly (and therefore are more competitive) throughout the state.

Along these lines, the Democrats get a staggering vote in two areas, in this manner the liberal urban communities control the state governing body. However, that isn’t adequate for the Democrats.  They will continue suing until the point that they win.

The problem is that no “limited and precise rationale” exists today, nor will it likely ever. This time around, Democrats ask the Court to embrace their latest pet theory of “partisan symmetry” as measured by the “efficiency gap,” which assumes that parties should win roughly the same proportion of legislative seats as the total votes received across an entire state.

In other words, the Democrats are saying “Obama received 52% of the vote, so therefore we deserve 52% of the vote in the legislature.”

The stupid thing in all of this is that Obama wasn’t running in the legislative districts.  Some Republican competitors were more successful than the Democrat ones.

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