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What Happened In Ohio And Pennsylvania Seconds Ago Has Trump So Excited!

Dozens of thousands of U.S. citizens that are Democratic followers truly detest Hillary Clinton. No, millions of citizens realize what Hillary really is: a deceitful person. The damage Hillary has done is irreparable and incomparable to any other president in recent U.S. history. VIA Liberty Writers News  Literally, no one trusts her. Hundreds

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After Video of Trump Is Leaked, Juanita Broaddrick SILENCES Libs When She Releases 2 Perfect Tweets

VIA YoungCons Juanita Broaddrick has claimed for a number of decades that she was raped by Bill Clinton. Wife Hillary and the mainstream media have brushed this accusation aside, because Slick Willie is apparently the greatest thing since sliced bread. Never mind that Broaddrick is one of dozens of women who have accused

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