Wednesday, June 19, 2019
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Judge Andrew Napolitano Risks Everything To DEFEND Trump

Last night, a San Francisco-based federal appeals court heard arguments from the Justice Department as they continue to try and overturn a federal judge’s order that stopped Trump’s travel ban temporarily.


On Wednesday, Judge Andrew Napolitano went on Fox News to give his opinion on the hearings.

“My impression is that the president has a very legitimate complaint that the judges sounded political,” Napolitano said. He added that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals judges asked a series of irrelevant questions that revolved around the “wisdom” of Trump’s executive order, which is not their job to decide.

“My late friend, the great Justice [Antonin] Scalia, used to have as a joke a sign on his desk with three words on it: ‘Stupid but Constitutional.’ Basically saying I don’t care what the government did. I only care if it’s constitutional,” Napolitano said.

This came hours after Trump pointed out that even a “bad high school student” could understand that it was in his power as president to restrict travel from certain nations in the interest of national security.

“I listened to a bunch of stuff last night on television that was disgraceful,” Trump said of the hearing.

Napolitano said Trump was completely right about this, saying his complaints are  “perfectly valid.”

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