Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Obama Did Something SICK On Wall Street:Every Democrat Will Hate Him

The establishment elites and the Mainstream media have basically done everything in their power to make the public forget how terrible of a president Barack Obama was. Now he has given us the PERFECT chance to show the Dems exactly how bad he really is!


This time Obama decided to go to Wall Street and commit the cardinal sin of Democrats which turned Hillary Clinton into a pariah…He took $1.2 Million for speeches at just 3 banks this month!

What a greedy move for a guy who just made over $50 million on a book. Still, it’s no surprise that he would be selling out to the same people he used to talk shit on.

Frankly, I’m sick and tired of this BS. Now watch as the media under-reports Obama‘s transgression or tries to justify it with some backward ass logic.

Oh, and did I mention that Obama is ALSO hosting his own new Obama Leadership Summit in Chicago coming up? It’s IDENTICAL to the Clinton Global Initiative. It’s a bunch of bigwig Dems meeting and acting like a shadow government to decide the fate of all Americans.

We cannot seriously let them bury this. It’s up to us to pull the wool off the eyes of the Leftists in this country and show them the corruption of their own party. The best shot we have, the only shot we have, is to share this everywhere and let them see that Americans are WATCHING.