Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Right After Comey Admitted He Leaked, His ‘Source’ Did The UNTHINKABLE

During yesterday’s hear, former FBI Director James Comey admitted to the Senate Panel that he himself leaked documents to the New York Times about his meeting with President Trump. The way Comey got it to them without being caught was by using his old friend, Law Professor Daniel Richman.


However, what was REALLY interesting is what happened to Richman MOMENTS after Comey went on television. First, Richman told the Press that he was behind the leaks. Then he did the Unthinkable…


Daniel Richman went into hiding.

Now, why would he have possibly gone into hiding? Oh wait, that’s right, because he and his buddy Comey BROKE THE LAW.

Despite knowing the documents were FBI property, Richman took the documents Comey had illegally taken with him after his firing. He then took those government documents, allegedly recording sensitive conversations with the US President, and gave them to the Press.





It may not end with this single leak, either. According to an article by the New Yorker last month, Richman has long been Comey unofficial “media surrogate” so he can get information out.

I’d say if this man has nothing to hide, he should come forward and face his own judgment like a man. This cowardly “leak-and-leave” scenario needs to end.

Even James Comey said leakers hurt our country. Well, if they knowingly leaked while KNOWING it would hurt America, how is it not a crime?

This Richman guy needs to be held accountable. Help share this out everywhere, with his picture, and let’s help Trump find out where the Hell he ran off to.