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SPECIAL REPORT:Cops Shoot ‘Knifeman’ Outside UK Parliament, Multiple Injured After ‘Car Attack’ on Westminster Bridge

Two have died, including a police officer, after a knifeman mowed down pedestrians and attacked police outside Britain’s Houses of Parliament on Wednesday.

Shots were heard late afternoon on Wednesday, with authorities confirming within minutes that the Parliament was on lock down and Members of Parliament were kept in the Commons chamber.

Less than an hour after the attack London’s Metropolitan Police declared they were treating the attack as a “terrorist incident”.



The Metropolitan Police have confirmed four dead so far, including the attacker and one police officer. Currently taking questions from the press.


White House: “We Condemn Today’s Attack”

White House Press Secretary says the UK has the full support of the US government, and will provide a readout of President Trump’s calls with the Prime Minister shortly..



Trump Speaks to May; U.S. Secretary of State Issues Statement

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer says Donald Trump has spoken to Theresa May about the terror event in Westminster.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has extended thoughts and prayers to the attack’s victims and their families on behalf of the American people in an official statement.


Joint statement by the House speakers

Mr Speaker and the Lord Speaker have made a statement following the incident in Westminster:

“An extremely serious incident has occurred in the Westminster area this afternoon. The Metropolitan Police is dealing with this and an investigation is underway.

“On behalf of Members of both Houses of Parliament, we wish to offer our thoughts to all those affected and their families.

“We would also like to that express our gratitude to the police and all emergency services”.

Possible images of attacker

British media outlets have released telephoto images of the suspected killer, as he is attended by paramedics in Westminster Palace Yard. The individual is beleived to have been shot by police after he stabbed an officer.



What we know so far

What Metropolitan Police are now calling a terror attack took place on Wednesday afternoon.

Up to a dozen were mowed down by a speeding car along Westminster Bridge, which then crashed into the railings surrounding the Houses of Parliament. Pedestrians are believed to have jumped into the Thames out of the path of the oncoming vehicle, with one woman now fished out of the river alive, according to a statement by the Port of London Authority.

A second part of the attack took place just around the corner inside the Palace courtyard. It is not clear if this part was performed by the same attacker who drove across Westminster bridge, but a police officer was stabbed by a man carrying a knife reported to be around nine inches long.

A total of three police officers are thought to have been injured during the incident. The attacker was shot, although not fatally.

The Metropolitan Police have declined to give total casualty figures at this stage.

Marine Le Pen Expresses Solidarity with Britons and Victims of Attack

Front National leader and French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen took to Twitter to express her solidarity and support for Britons and the victims tweeting,

“Friendship and support to the British people and the victims of the terrorist attacks of London,” signing the Tweet with her initials MLP.


The Metropolitan Police has just tweeted a full statement from Commander Harrington on the attack in Westminster.


Foreign Office Minister Tobias Ellwood was pictured covered in blood shortly after the attacks.

Scotland Yard: Ongoing terror investigation

A police spokesman has made a statement on today’s attack:

“Although we remain open minded to the motive, a full counter-terrorism investigation is underway… we received a number of different reports, including a person in the river, a car colliding with pedestrians, and a man armed with a knife.

“Officers were already in that location due to routine policing… we are working closely with the London Ambulance Service and Fire Brigade”.

Scotland yard confirmed there had been casualties, but would make no confirmation of numbers, and asked members of the public to avoid affected areas of central London.

The Met spokesman also confirmed that the force’s acting commissioner was a witness to the attack, having been standing inside Palace Yard at the time of the event, and that he was being treated as a key witness.

  Breitbart London’s reporter on the scene

I arrived at the palace of Westminster within minutes of the attack — a small number of officers were taping off the area as unmarked police cars screamed by.

Just a few meters from the towering spires that house the oldest representative democracy in world I stood. Journalists tussled for a view, and confusion reigned. Disbelief, too, that such a symbolic location had been attacked.

“We were just told to leave the building, I didn’t hear the bangs, but I’m told it’s an attack”, said a builder smoking on Great College Street. Other journals claimed an explosion had been heard and one mentioned a rampaging car.

Tourists and photographers were undeterred and struggled to get closer to palace as police shouted at them to move back.

Within half an hour there were hundreds of members of the emergency services and security personnel on the ground: armed units running across Parliament Square, sniffer dogs roaming, and a huddle of paramedics attending to a casualty by the gates of parliament.

By the time the air ambulance parked on the green took off the police had pushed us back towards Westminster abbey. They were in total control, and unafraid, despite one of their colleges being stabbed on duty just moments before.

 Mobile phone footage records moment police opened fire

A video captured by mobile phone by a Taiwanese tourist shows a stampede of tourists outside the Palace of Westminster today, as shots — reportedly fired by police officers as they tried to bring the attack to an end — rang out. 


Confirmation of two fatalities

Reports from London’s hospitals which are responsible for the substantial number of first responders on the ground in Westminster today suggest there have now been two fatalities and a number of other individuals have sustained “catastrophic injuries”.

  Increased security presence at Buckingham Palace

The usual presence of Brigade of Guards soldiers at Buckingham Palace has been changed for heavily armed police this afternoon in the aftermath of an apparent terror attack at the Palace of Westminster, just minutes walk away.

The Royal Standard is flying over the Palace Wednesday, indicating HM the Queen is in residence in London.

Possibility pedestrians jumped from bridge to escape vehicle

The Evening Standard reports that a witness “told Sky News he saw a body lying face down in the water next to the bridge”.

Images published by Reuters have also shown an injured male who appeared to have jumped from the bridge to the embankment below, sustaining injuries in the process.

The two reports suggest victims either jumped, or were pushed from the bridge in the course of the attack.

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