Wednesday, June 19, 2019


On the night between April 8 and 9 (from 3.25 to 3.53 Moscow time) an attack was launched on the Tifor (T4) aerospace base, located between Palmira and Homs, in Syria. In the first hour after the attack, the Syrian mass media reported that they suspect the attack was carried out by the United States. However, somewhat later, the Ministry of Defense of Russia announced that the attack was carried out by Israel, that eight missiles were thrown out of two F-115s, Israeli air forces and that the attack was carried out from the air space of Lebanon. Syrian troops destroyed five guided missiles during the attack, and three reached the western part of the airport, the Ministry of Defense added.


In the T4 base there are Syrian, Russian and Iranian forces. Fourteen people were killed (no Russians were killed), Syrian and Iranian soldiers were killed.

Russia convened a session of the UN Security Council for today, April 9, and the theme of the session is a threat to international peace and security. The session begins tonight at 22:00, Moscow time.



Reasons for the Israeli attack 

Experts point out that this is, in any case, the “peak” to which Israel can reach. Tel Aviv has previously carried out attacks on these positions. The United States was most likely notified of the planned attack, even if they did not directly participate.

Israel has priority in attacks from the territory of Lebanon, because Lebanon has no PSC. Almost all Tel Aviv attacks in Syria were carried out through Lebanese airspace (of course, without the permission of Beirut).

Attempting to make a break

In the airfield of Tifor, in addition to Syrian, there are also Russian and Iranian forces. So, this is also a symbolic blow to allies – the main opponents of the US coalition in Syria. Israel is regularly trying to bring about a breakdown in relations between Russia and Iran. Israeli authorities consider Iran, Syria, as the pro-Iranian “Hezbollah” movement that is fighting in Syria, the most dangerous opponents in the region, and are trying to perform sudden blows.

At the same time, the Western powers are trying to undermine the relationship in the Moscow-Ankara-Tehran alliance and constantly provoke Turkey, especially in the Afrina region.

Why Do They Need Another War In Syria?

In this story there are too many “coincidences”. Earlier in Damascus earlier, about 140 civilians were freed from bondage from the Ji’ish Al Islam group, who were forced to work for terrorists (they were their workforce). They were released immediately after the official Syrian army of Asad took control of the Rajhan settlement, which was the first line of the Duma defense, where the escalation began. Experts point out that the release of Rajhan and prisoners is a sign that he will free Dumu, and then the Syrian troops will take over southern Syria. And South is Israel’s area of ​​interest. The best blogs capture and release of prisoners was a sign that the liberation of the Duma, and later the Syrian troops are taking over the southern part of Syria. And south of Syria is Israel’s interest zone.

Other provocations

We recall that the Duma was the last enclave of terrorists in the vicinity of Damascus and has been constantly under attack. Asad’s army will not hand over this checkpoint to militants.

Earlier, on April 6, terrorists were shelling Damascus – hit by infrastructure and mosques, and during these attacks, at least 20 people (civilians) were killed.

Chemical weapons

In such a chain of circumstances there was a chemical weapons scandal as well as negotiations between Donald Tramp and Emanuel Macron. Yesterday Tramp for the first time criticized Vladimir Putin personally for the humanitarian situation in eastern Guta and the alleged chemical attack.

Assada’s alleged use of chemical weapons, bearing in mind the previous successes of the Syrian army, is the most appropriate way to end the successful offensive of Syrian government forces.

An information campaign on a “chemical attack” and an Israeli attack on aviobas – represent an attempt by the West to prevent the victory of the Allies – Damascus and the Axis with Moscow-Ankara-Tehran. It should be kept in mind that the attacks on these countries come from all sides – the “Scandal case” and the expulsion of diplomats, the sharpening rhetoric about Iran, accusations against Ankara for the “escalation” of the situation in Africa, etc.

The task of the West is now to break the trend and prevent Asad from freeing Syria from terrorists. Experts also draw attention to the fact that in the southern part of the country (illegally from the point of view of international law!) Is the American military base Et-Tanf. So everything comes to your place in folding the mosaic.

Russia supports Asada and will continue to support it in the future, will assist the military forces and defend it in the diplomatic arena. But in this case, Moscow should be more active in relation to the Israeli question – using leverage of its power, in order to curb the appetites of Israel in the region.

Third World War?

Over the past month there have been too many military conflicts and diplomatic scandals: the ill-founded accusation of Russia in the Skripala affair, the entire small war in East Guti, Macron’s statement on Kurdish support in Maniba, the unstable situation in Africa. Experts do not exclude the possibility of preparing serious military action, perhaps at the level of the Third World War (especially after the change in the White House and the greater presence of “hawks” by bringing Bolton and Pompe).

Making an affair A scripture for NATO does not make much sense if war does not follow. In the coming days, it will become clear to what all these theater performances have served and the fierce bouts of Syria, which are only recovering from the war.