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Trump Shows HUGE Difference Between Him And Obama With One Massive Move

President-elect Donal Trump may be the polar opposite to Barack Obama, and the country has deemed that this is exactly what this country wants and what this country needs. Trump just showed maybe the largest difference in the two presidents with his latest move, and he did it before he was even in office.


Conservative Tribune has more:


President-elect Donald Trump’s Presidential Inaugural Committee released the schedule of events for inauguration week on Wednesday, and compared to President Barack Obama’s itinerary when he was first sworn in, Trump appeared to be more interested in working than celebrating.

The U.K. Daily Mail reported that Trump’s schedule included two official inaugural balls and a separate ball to celebrate military members and first responders. In 2009, the Obamas attended no fewer than 10 inaugural balls.

That’s quite a bit of partying, and, in retrospect, it set the mood for the rest of Obama’s presidency

“The 2017 inaugural celebrations will reflect President-elect Trump’s eagerness to get to work in order to make our country safer and stronger,” said Tom Barrack, chairman of the PIC. “President-elect Trump is committed to unifying our country as we once again celebrate the foundation of our American system and the peaceful transfer of power.”

Inaugural events are scheduled to begin on Thursday, Jan. 19, with Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence laying a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery. That event will be followed by a welcome concert at the Lincoln Memorial.

Trump and Pence will be sworn in at the Capitol on Friday, Jan. 20, where they will participate in the parade down Pennsylvania Avenue. On Saturday, Jan. 21, Trump and Pence planned to attend a national prayer service at the Washington National Cathedral, which will conclude the celebration.

In contrast, the Obamas attended four regional balls in 2009: the Eastern Ball, the Mid-Atlantic Ball, the Midwestern Ball and the Southern Ball. They then made time to attend balls for their home states and the home states of the Bidens, including Hawaii, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

It would seem that Trump simply doesn’t have time for that kind of partying, because he recognizes that there’s so much work to do, and he actually knows how to go about doing it.

It’s a shocking comparison, but one that isn’t too surprising after we’ve learned how little Obama likes to actually work.

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Source: Conservative Tribune