Wednesday, June 19, 2019
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Watch: The Vet Who Spoke Out The Truth About Trump And His Empty Promises

One more segment of society is turning mostly against the idea of a Donald Trump presidency, and this time it’s one that really is going to leave a bad mark.


Veterans are starting to turn against Donald, due to his recent exploitation of them in the media. It seemed to start during Trump’s first boycott of a Republican debate, where he claimed he raised a fortune for veterans. After a very long wait, the media finally broke that the majority of the totals Trump bragged about in the media had not been received by any veterans’ charities.

Perry O’Brien gave comment at a press conference recently where he spoke on behalf of many veterans who all feel the same thing. In Perry’s words “Donald Trump only seems interested in serving himself.” He started by talking about how it would have been great for Donald to donate some of his own “vast fortune” towards veterans, rather than using them as political props to make donations with other people’s money while crediting himself for it.

Perry then moved on to Trump’s rhetoric and bigotry this campaign season. He defended his Muslim and Latino peers which he served with in the armed forces, and blasted him for his maligning and demonizing of them with his hate speech.

Expanding further on the consequences of Trump’s words, he also pointed out the fact that every time Donald opens his mouth he makes the lives of service men and women in the Middle East harder by creating the narrative that America hates all Muslims. It’s a correct statement because people all around the world see Trump and what he says. It’s taking us back down a path that we’ve been slowly making progress getting away from for the past 8 years.

You might be thinking, “Well, nothing Trump says or does will hurt his chances because nothing else has stopped him so far.” Normally, in a Republican primary, that would be generally correct. However, now we are moving onto the general election. This is where independents and swing voters come into play. Stuff like this IS going to damage Trump’s chances at winning that coveted middle of the voter base that everyone needs to secure the presidency. That’s why this is important. That’s why what Perry said at the press conference is what people need to hear. If there’s a key to stopping Donald, this is it.

Watch the video below: